About Jennifer P. Moses

I have loved animals forever! — watching and interacting with them calms my soul.

My family of origin always had cats as part of the household. One of us five kids would bring in a stray with “Please, can we keep it? It followed me home!” In the 90s I volunteered at Bird Rescue Center in Santa Rosa, working with birds of prey. I worked particularly with Bodhi, a red-shouldered hawk, using falconry techniques to prepare her for life meeting the public as an educational bird at the center and various local fairs and Amelia "Airheart", a gorgeous red-tailed hawk who was returned to the wild.

I’ve shared my adult home with Rascal (a beautiful calico and hoop jumping show off. I love to train!), Emma and Homey (almost 16 years of perfect kitty companionship), and now Pierre (a handsome old boy who loves to play) and Stella (six years old and the boss).

In the dog world, I trained at Marin Humane Society’s Canine Behavior Academy taught by the renowned Trish King. I am a member of 

Sonoma Humane Society, and have assisted in various puppy and dog obedience classes. I volunteer at the annual fall bingo fundraiser which now benefits Dogwood Animal Sanctuary and Sonoma Humane Society. I have worked with several dog trainers whose focus is on positive re-enforcement.  I love figuring out behaviors. Training a dog to be well-mannered and an appreciated member of the family really makes my day!  I also support Forgotten Felines. 

I have been a team member for Affinity Pet Services, a local pet care business, for over six years. Charlotte Pearce has set the gold standard for animal care and I consider myself very fortunate to call her mentor and friend.

I also am active in and support a local spiritual center.

I love to explore creativity through drawing, mosaics, garden and yard design among other things. Now that spring is here, I hope to be out in nature at our many local parks and paths.