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Jennifer worked regularly with my cocker spaniel's trainer to improve Sammy's manners on leash and reduce his nervousness during walks. Over time, Sammy was much calmer on walks, and at home. 

—  H Mathis, Santa Rosa

I have had the continued pleasure of working side-by-side with Jennifer for the past 2 ½ years in the pet sitting industry.  We met when we were both volunteering at Sonoma Humane Society, taking shelter dogs out for a walk and had an instant connection.  Jennifer has become a trusted associate and provides personalized and highly professional pet sitting and dog walking services.  When I go on vacation, I hire Gramma Moses to care for my home and pets!


—  Charlotte Pearce, owner Affinity Pet Services, LLC, Santa Rosa

Jennifer is wonderful!  All of my pets adore her, she gives them great care & a lot of attention.  She's very responsible, very reliable, and has a great personality with humans too.

—  Elisabeth Sherman (and Luigi,Macho,Bambina,Moose,Zeppa and Genie), Sebastopol

To all pet lovers in the Santa Rosa area: Recently I had the pleasure of having Jennifer care for my two cats while I was away on a short trip. I was delighted at the level of professionalism and also personal care that I received. Jennifer sent daily text messages, complete with pictures of my cats (Bubba and Gooby), that gave me such a sense of confidence regarding their welfare. I knew all was well. I highly recommend Gramma Moses PetWorks. Jennifer is a dedicated lover of animals far and wide!

—  Louise Ballard, Santa Rosa

I bless the day that Jennifer lovingly came into my cat's life. My Mister B is not what anyone could call a friendly cat, mostly because he is so afraid of everything (and everyone). This cat, whom most who come to my house never see, greets Jennifer at the front door, rolls around on the floor for her, allows her to brush him, and sits on her lap for "love time". Because of her visits, Mister B is calmer and happier. I am so happy that she is able to visit my Mister B and bring such joy into his life, and peace of mind into mine. I could not recommend her pet services more highly.

—  Linda McDonald, Santa Rosa

As a professional dog trainer, my clients sometimes ask if I can refer them to someone to take care of their pets while they are away. Of course, I want the best for my clients, and the best is Jennifer Moses of Gramma Moses PetWorks. I know Jennifer to be a professional and responsible business woman, as well as gentle and compassionate with pets and their people! Many of my clients have used Jennifer’s services, and all have been very pleased.



—  Pat Engel, Co-Pilot Dog Training, Sonoma County

We are so happy we found Jennifer and her services. We hired her to look after our house for three weeks and we could not have been more pleased with the job she did. She visited the house on a regular basis to take in mail, water plants in the garden and fill the bird feeders. She kept an eye on things and it was such a relief not to worry about the house during our vacation. She communicates wonderfully through email. We do not hesitate to recommend her.

—  Connie Newhall and Sue Cristler, Sebastopol

Jennifer immediately bonded with my little, loving, high energy, stubborn 8 pound rescue dog. She walks Bella several times a week re-enforcing loose leash walking. With patience, persistence and love, Jennifer has managed to get Bella walking close to the person on the other end of the leash.  Bella is a calmer, happier, more obedient dog with Jennifer’s training. Jennifer also transports Bella to various places.

—  Natalie Rogers, Sebastopol

The peace of mind I have when Jennifer is watching my cats is invaluable. I travel quite a bit for work and finding the best cat care was one of my most daunting concerns when relocating to Santa Rosa. Jennifer immediately put any concerns to rest. Her professionalism and reliability coupled with the personal TLC she gives my cats makes her one of my most valued relationships in the area.

—  Wendy Dougherty (and Owen and Henry), Santa Rosa

During the summer of 2011, Jennifer took wonderful care of my two Jack Russell Terriers, Ripley and Cassidy, while I was working for Cal Fire and on duty six days a week. My 9 and 11 year old dogs travel with me and because of my line of work, I have to rely on trustworthy and caring people to look after them, take them for walks, to the vet, and help with doggie errands.

I have been very grateful to Jennifer for her caring manner and dependability. The girls completely fell in love with her and jump for joy when she arrives to take them for their walks.

—  Patty Wagstaff, St. Augustine, FL